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Whether you are a student seeking progressive language development or studying in the US, ehostfamily can help

We offer the following services for our parents/students:

  1. Progressive Language Development
    Many of our students are beginning English learners who can greatly benefit from our one-to-one Progressive English lessons with native speakers. Students can greatly benefit from one-to-one lessons with our host families and become more confident in and out of the classroom.  Once you purchase our language lessons, an ehostfamily representative will contact you shortly to get you started on improving your English.
  2. Monthly Progressive Report
    If you are a parent sending your child abroad, Monthly Progress Reports would help you understand your child’s academic and social performances. Our host families would monitor and communicate with your child’s school regularly. Our progress reports aim to help students learn from mistakes and improve their performances gradually. Ehostfamily will also provide translation to parents as courtesy for using our service.
  3. Application
    If you are a parent planning on sending your child to study abroad in US, you will have to do thorough research of schools in different locations to secure your child in a right place. If you have no idea where to begin your search, we have experienced representatives who can help select schools (among hundreds of middle/high schools and colleges) that may help your child succeed. We strive to be as transparent as possible every step of the way, from helping your child with the application process until receiving school acceptances. Parents are always welcome to reach us via email, info@ehostamily.com.
  4. Background Check
    The result of a criminal background check and Social Security number trace provides students and parents with an additional metric to consider when choosing a qualified host family.

Your Questions

  1. As a parent not living in the US, how would I be able to communicate my concerns about my child to host families?
    As a US-based company, we have representatives who will keep in touch with host families and your child. Parents are always welcome to reach us via email, info@ehostamily.com. We currently have bilingual (English and Chinese) translators available. If you are interested in Monthly Progress Report service, you may add it during booking or purchase it afterwards in the student's account.
  2. Why is Progressive Language Development important for students?
    Students can benefit tremendously from one-to-one lessons with native speakers. Students who might be too shy to participate in school can hone their language skills from the privacy of their home. Once they become more confident English speakers and listeners, students will be more willing to raise their hands in class and improve their social skills in real life.
  3. Who will be training our students in Progressive Language Development?
    Our mentors are host families who are native English speakers, public and private school teachers. We will match our students with mentors based on student schedule and compatibility.
  4. How can I pay for Progressive Language Development?
    You may purchase Progressive Language Development using your credit card for a minimum of 1 month in your student account or at booking. We recommend that our students commit for Progressive Language Development for at least a semester (4 months) to see significant improvements. Developing language skills takes time and consistent practice; we believe one hour of practice per day will be the most beneficial for our students.

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