Safety and Security

  1. Backgound check
    Ehostfamily does not require host families on its platform to have a background check conducted. However, prospective hosts should fill up the background check forms during registration and provide an authorization for a background check when requested by When requested by students or parents, will conduct a National Criminal Search, paid by our students or parents.
  2. Welcoming a guest
    Please ask your guest to send you his or her photo as well as contact information prior to arrival. It is always a good idea to pick up your guests from the airport or at an agreed public location.
  3. Tenant's insurance
    We recommend that our hosts purchase a renter's insurance, or tenant's insurance. The insurance should provide coverage and liability protection in the event a student/guest becomes injured in your home.
  4. Safe occupancy limits
    Use sound judgement and building guidelines to determine the number of people you can have safely in your home.
  5. Fire safety
    Make sure you have properly installed carbon monoxide and smoke detectors around your home as well as a well-maintained fire extinguisher.
  6. Privacy concerns
    Even if your guests are minors, please give them the space and privacy that they deserve. Your guests should feel comfortable in your home.

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