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Studying abroad is one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding endeavors for students. Here at ehostfamily, we want to make your transition to the US as smooth as possible.

  1. Find your school in the US
    We welcome all students, whether they are international or domestic, to use our platform. Search using the school where you will be attending in the US.
  2. Pick a date
    If you haven’t already booked your flight, still go ahead and insert your anticipated date of arrival and full duration of stay. You can also leave the field blank to increase your host family search results.
  3. Join an ehost family
    Find your favorite American host family and book to stay with them. If you can’t find a host family near your school, contact us with your name, grade, school, date of arrival, and duration. We will help find a suitable host family for you.
  4. Secure your stay with our services.
    Please read about our additional services to help you while studying in the US.
    We will pay your host family on time every month so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

Read below for common questions students may have prior to coming to the US or to finding a host family.

Q & A

  1. Why stay with a host family?
    Staying with a host family immerses you in the American way of life. A huge part of studying-abroad is learning a second language. What better way to learn than to stay with local families! Your host will welcome you and care for you while you're away from home. Soon you will find that your hosts have become your teacher and family.
  2. What if I can't find a host family near my school?
    Please reach out to us at with your name, school, age, and grade. An ehostfamily representative will contact you to help you find placement with a host family.
  3. What is the minimum duration of stay with host families?
    Minimum duration of stay with host families is one month.
  4. Are meals provided by hosts?
    Hosts who are able to provide meals will indicate it on the host profile page. We recommend middle school to high school students to choose host families that can provide daily breakfast and dinner as well as lunch on the weekends.
  5. What about guardianship for students?
    For students who are minors, their host families must provide guardianship. At ehostfamily, we believe that the best guardians are our students' hosts because they live with our students.
  6. Is there airport pick-up?
    Hosts who are able to arrange for airport pick-up will indicate so on their host profile page. If you are still unsure, please contact your host and arrange for a safe way to get to your host family on your arrival date. If you have problems contacting your host, please contact us at
  7. How long should I book my stay with a host family?
    Long term hosts are more likely to accept students who request to book a full school year of stay over students who choose to book for a month of stay. There are many students who may request to stay with the same host. It is in your best interest to show our hosts that you can commit for the long term (e.g. duration of one school year, or 10 months).
  8. What if there is a problem with credit card payment?
    You will have 48 hours to resolve any issues with your bank/credit card companies before trying to book your host family again. If you still have problems with credit card payment, please contact us at We will get back to you shortly with bank wire transfer directions if necessary.
  9. How can I adapt to the American classroom and become a better student?
    Gaining admission to top-tier colleges is becoming more competitive year after year, especially for international students. Achieving a high level of fluency in English can help students grasp concepts taught in and out of class more easily. We highly recommend Progressive Language Development to accelerate your language skills. Don't be afraid to speak up and raise your hands. With much hard work and support, you will be on your way to becoming a better student.
  10. Why is Progressive Language Development important?
    Students can benefit tremendously from one-to-one lessons with native speakers. Students who might be too shy to participate in the traditional classroom can hone their language skills from the privacy of their home. Once they become more confident English speakers and listeners, students will be more willing to raise their hands in class and improve their social skills in real life.
  11. Can parents stay with host families?
    Usually parents should find their own accommodations at a nearby hotel or a friend's house if they are visiting their child. However, it is up to the host families to decide whether they are comfortable accommodating an extra person in their house.
  12. How can I be a good guest?
    Proper guest etiquette may vary for different cultures; however, showing gratitude is an universal gesture all guests should practice. Don't hesitate when your host family asks you to try their food unless it's something against your personal beliefs. If the food doesn't agree with your palate, thank your hosts anyway. Make suggestions and share recipes of the types of food you enjoy. Bonus points if you surprise your hosts by cooking for them. Always clean up after yourself. Never disrespect your host. It is an honor to live with a host family.
  • Bustling cities are all the rage
    Bustling cities are all the rage

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  • Live with the locals
    Live with the locals

    Do as they do

  • New faces everywhere
    New faces everywhere

    Where do you belong?

  • Relax.

    We will find you a place called home

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