Welcoming an international student into your home will be a life-changing experience for your family. Hosting not only allows you to spend more quality time with your family, but also teaches you acceptance and communication skills. While you may face some challenges as you try to find a new cultural balance at home, we encourage you to embrace the challenges as they will help deepen your relationships and make hosting all the more rewarding.

1. Thinking of becoming a host? 
Hosting is a great opportunity to expand your cultural horizon and to share your traditions and values while earning extra valuable income for your family. It allows you to serve the global community in a meaningful way by fostering our future generation. By taking them under your wing, you affirm what this nation is about. We should all take the initiative to embrace other citizens of the world and learn more about them, especially at a time riddled by increasing threats of violence and lack of cultural understanding. If you have what it takes—lots of love and courage—to open up your heart and home to someone from a different part of the world, begin your journey at ehostfamily

2. Register to become a host
The sign-up process is quick and simple. Upload nice photos of your home, family, and bedrooms and leave as much description as possible. Email if you have any trouble with registration.

3. Update your available start date and duration regularly to ensure a steady stream of students
Once finished with profile registration, don’t forget to update your profile as often as possible if you want to maximize inquiries from students for the long run.

4. Approve or decline students interested in staying with you
Hosts get to choose which students to welcome to their homes based on availability. You will be informed of their school of attendance, grade level, age, arrival date, and duration, before you decide on whom to host.

5. Pick up your students and welcome them into the family!
If your student will be arriving by plane, please pick him up from the airport. Introduce yourself and stay engaged with your student! Happy hosting!

6. Get paid on time every month in exchange for your love and care
ehostfamily will mail out your check every month. Since we would have taken care of the payment, you won’t have to worry about missing payment from students.

7. Earn extra money through paid services 
Our website is about giving back to our hosts. We will compensate you for additional services that would complement your student’s stay in the US.

8. Refer more family and friends to become a host
If you find hosting a rewarding cultural exchange, please share with your family and friends.

9. Consider making hosting students your career. We have the tools to help!
Some of our hosts love being a host so much that they have decided to make it their full time job. Many of our hosts would agree that they now have more time to dedicate to their family while working from home. Our website gives you all the flexibility and support to make it work for you!

Now we will answer some of your common questions:

Q & A

  1. What are the benefits of hosting?
    Benefits of hosting include building lasting relations, learning about different cultures, and earning a monthly income that can help your family. You can even make a career out of hosting!
  2. What are the requirements for becoming a host?
    Hosts must be over 25 years of age and provide an authorization for a background check.
  3. What is the minimum duration of stay for international students?
    Minimum duration of stay is one month.
  4. How old are the international students?
    We have students from middle school all the way to grad school.
  5. Do I need to provide meals?
    If you would like to host middle school to high school students, you must provide meals. When determining the price of listing, it would be best to consider the price of breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals on weekends/holidays. If you only want to host college students, you may offer them your kitchen for meal prep. Some college students also prefer to have homemade meals prepared by the host.
  6. How many students can I host at once?
    You can host as many students as your home allows. Each student should have his/her own room/bed/table/chair/closet. However, we have found that many international students prefer living in a home with fewer than four students.
  7. How will I receive my stipend? Will I have to pay taxes?
    We will send out your stipend by check the second day after your guest's anticipated date of arrival. All subsequent checks will be sent out on the same date each month for the duration of your guest's stay. We require that our hosts fill out a 1099 tax form for non-employment income. Please keep taxes in mind when calculating the price of the service you will provide.
  8. How can I best prepare for the student’s stay in my home?
    Ask your student to email you his/her expected time of arrival/travel itinerary. Make sure you have a plan (whether you arrange for them to get picked up or you pick them up personally) for them to get to your place safely. Try to learn as much about the student’s hometown and traditional cuisines (if you are quite the adventurous chef), communicate your house rules and boundaries as soon as the student settles in your home, clear some of your schedule for your student so you can show him/her around town upon arrival. Learn to be flexible and stay positive!
  9. Can the students communicate effectively in English?
    The students have varying English levels. Some might not be very comfortable with speaking, some might be in between, and others can hold great conversations. We encourage students to purchase Progressive Language Development service. Students can greatly benefit from one-to-one lessons with our host families and become more confident in and out of the classroom.
  10. Are pets allowed?
    We find that many (not all) students would love to live in a home with a pet. Make sure you indicate whether you have a pet or not when filling out your profile.

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