About Us

We are a team of dedicated educational and residential service providers who have lived with host families and personally worked with international students as their hosts, teachers, and homestay coordinators. The opportunity to touch the lives of young adults and to create lasting impressions as we engage in cross-cultural exchange has been incredibly meaningful to us. Here at ehostfamily, we hope to extend that invitation to you.

Our Mission: 
Ehostfamily connects students seeking progressive language developments with our hosts who are public and private school teachers. 
Education + Hostfamily, we called ehostfamily

Our Vision:
       To help students overcome language barriers during their stay
       To help students improve language skills wherever they are
       To help diverse students learn a second language on a small group basis

We do this by
        Building a diverse community of host families across the USA
        Engaging with students and host families to understand their needs
        Providing upsell services to help students reach their potential
        And giving our students the flexibility to find host families of their choice

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